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You've got a lot of choices when it comes to promoting your business, team or organization.  One of the oldest and most popular decorations methods is screen printing, When it comes to apparel printing, screen printing is the industry standard and most cost effective method of decorating large quality print runs. Screen printed colors are vibrant and lifelike and that is why this technology is used for t he printing of tee shirts, sweatshirts, bags, towels and team uniforms.


Glitter Screen


At Main Line Embroidery group we have been screen printing items for 20 years. We know the quality our customers expect and we deliver this high quality week in and week out. So you can fell confident that when you order screen printed items from us you are going to get the very best.


Screen printing technologies can be used on more than just apparel.  Screen printing can be used to decorate just about any material, including, cotton, polyester, canvas, bamboo, nylon, burlap - you name it.  Just on this website alone there are thousands of items that can be screen printed with your logo or brand - water bottles, key-chains, pens, canvas bags, USB drives - the selection is virtually unlimited. 


You can explore the vast array of items by clicking on the Shop Products or the different Category headings.


Remember. the secret to keeping the costs low is holding your colors to a minimum while printing as many items as you can. Screen printing is a very flexible printing technology, and for larger volumes it continues to be the most effective and economic printing method.


We will pride you with a custom quote after evaluating your artwork and size run.  



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