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Embroidery is the king of garment decoration, and is the most versatile of the decoration techniques. it offers a classic, high-end appearance with hundreds of rich thread colors to choose from.

Although embroidery been around for thousands of years, this decorating process has withstood the test of time.  If you want your business or organization to look its best then embroidery is your choice. We can embroider almost anything - polo shirts, caps and hats, outerwear, towels, backpacks and tote bags just to name a few., And embroidery is durable - it will usually outlast the item itself. 

Your image is important to you. Embroidered clothing enhances your organization's look and presents a memorable appearance.

Embroidery looks attractive and professional. It builds awareness and visibility for your group.   Everyone becomes instantly recognizable as a member of your company or organization.  Embroidered garments are long lasting, look neat and professional, boost employee morale and advertise your brand.

But custom embroidery is only as good as the thread, supplies, digitizing, and the machines that are used to stitch the design. We use only the best, so you get the best. All of our embroidery is done in house using only the finest quality backings and threads on the finest embroidery machines from Barudan. Twenty years of experience enables us to provide you with the quality product that you, our customer, is expecting to receive.

We guarantee our work because all embroidery is done in house, allowing Main Line Embroidery Group to maintain complete control over the entire process.

You can rely on Main Line Embroidery Group to provide you with embroidery of the highest quality at competitive prices. Quality that projects your image to the world.





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